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Policies and Agreements

Network 1
Location: Liquid Web, Lansing, MI, USA.

Two Full OC3c connections through premium bandwidth providers Savvis/Cable & Wireless and Verio
BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol) employed at the network edge for performance and redundant line reliability
Cisco 7206 VXR border router with NPE-G1 with redundant backup 7206 VXR on standby
Cisco 3550 Catalyst backbone switch with redundant backup on standby
Hewlett-Packard Procurve rack switches
Network VLan segmented by customer type and use

Robust Electrical System Including:
Incoming commercial power service routed underground to a dedicated transformer
300 kVA Powerware 9315 centralized UPS with redundant battery cabinets
Over 4 hours of UPS runtime on battery backup at current load
313 kVA standby Cummins diesel generator (Automatically activated by transfer switch)
Over 24 hours of runtime on generator before requiring additional fuel at full load
Liebert Precision power distribution unit
UPS full maintenance bypass allows for power upgrades and UPS service without interruption of power to equipment

Complete network IDS (Intrusion Detection System) monitors data and network security transparently through an optical tap
Closed circuit security camera system covering all building and data center entrances along with integrated motion detection systems
Six to eight weeks of security data is retained at all times
Access to facility is restricted to technical staff employees

Building Structure and Floor Plan:
5,500 square feet of available data center space with expansions to over 10,000 square feet soon underway
Industry-standard hard floors covered by vinyl tile and overhead wiring systems for better cooling capability and more secure cable infrastructure
Built to surpass local area building codes and seismic requirements

Climate Control:
Multiple Liebert Precision 22 ton up flow air conditioning units (N+1)
Regulates temperature and humidity precisely for optimal server stability
Air filtration systems remove dust and foreign particulates from circulation
Independent compressors and cooling loops enhance redundancy
Capacity for over 120 Tons of Cooling

Network 2
Location: Global Network Access, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Cisco Certified Network
Cisco 6509 routers with the latest SupII/MFSCII cards with 30 mm pps throughput  at the core
Redundant routers and redundant cards within the router
State of the art 3550 L3 switch / routers as aggregation routers
Distributed 2924 XL EN switches
Minimized route convergence and latency in the backbone
Few large pipes of quality providers to handle spikes in traffic and the occasional DoS attack

Fully meshed and redundant with 5 backbone providers:


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