Virtual Private Servers are multiple virtual servers running inside one large physical server. Virtual Private Dedicated Servers provide the same benefits of a Dedicated Server at a lower cost. The benefits include having root access to the server, being able to install your own applications and software, being able to configure the server the way you want it, and having non-shared server resources. Having a Virtual Private Server also has advantages over having a Dedicated Server. With a Virtual Private server, one can download and restore backups instantly and perform a fresh OS reload instantly with a few mouse clicks in the VPS Power Panel.








Disk Space 4GB 6GB 10GB 12GB 20GB 30GB
Monthly Transfer limit 60GB 100GB 150GB 200GB 300GB 500GB
Guaranteed Available Memory 64MB 96MB 128MB 192MB 256MB 384MB
Maximum Available Memory 1024MB 1024MB 1024MB 2048MB 2048MB 2048MB
Complete Root Access
Dedicated IPs 1 1 1 1 1 1
Processes unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Shell Access (SSH)
VPS Snapshot / Backup
VPS Instant Restore
VPS Power Reboot
VPS Repair
VPS Resource Monitoring
Instant OS reload
VPS Power Panel
Setup Fee none none none none none none
Monthly Fee $29 $39 $49 $69 $99 $119

Easy to use VPS Power Panel to manage your VPS
Backup your VPS whenever you want
Restore your VPS backup whenever you want
You get full control over the server
Server resources dedicated to each VPS - no sharing of resources
Run as many processes as you like



Dedicated IP $2/Month each
DirectAdmin Control Panel $7/Month
cPanel/WHM Control Panel $12/Month
Signed SSL certificate $60/Year
Domain name registration $8.88/Year

Client Control Panel Demo

note: Resellers will be able to place their own logos in their client's control panel.

Username: cpdemo
Password: cpdemo

Reseller Control Panel Demo

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